Yen Chin Ong

Center for Gravitation and Cosmology
College of Physical Science and Technology
Yangzhou University


"We don't choose mathematics as our profession, but rather it chooses us." -- Yuri Manin


"I want to become an astrophysicist not because I chose it; in a way the Universe chose me... I was called by the Universe; I had no choice in that." -- Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Have you noticed that the astronomers and mathematicians are much the most cheerful people of the lot? I suppose that perpetually contemplating things on so vast a scale makes them feel either that it doesn't matter a hoot anyway, or that anything so large and elaborate must have some sense in it somewhere."  -- Dorothy L. Sayers

天文物理是最浪漫的科学。她有严谨理性的一面:我们或持笔计算光线如何在接近黑洞时偏离,或在高山上了无人迹的天文台里做观测,有点像隐居的修道人想一窥宇宙的真谛;但是也有人文感性的一面:我们躺在沙滩上用绿激光描绘出星座,说着古人的神话故事,倾听彼此的心声。星--系--心。天文的路,既是思想的奔驰,更是心的感受、性情的陶冶。仰头观星;低头沉思。我们不过是宇宙中的过客,地球也只是茫茫星海中的一粟;   凡事顺其自然,但绝不听天由命。